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Christmas Fair December 2017

Friday, 15 December, 2017

Amazing £1100 raised for 'Tom's Trust' charity


Sunday 10th December was the day planned for the 'Friends of CIS' Christmas Fair.  Weeks of planning, by both the school and a committee of parent volunteers, were to culminate in a celebration of Christmas from around the world and provide the whole school community the opportunity to come together and share festive greetings, which also having a lot of fun and raising money for the school’s chosen charity, 'Tom’s Trust'. 

However, Sunday the 10th arrived and it snowed and snowed and snowed and it soon became apparent that the roads to The Temple, were treacherous and it would not be safe for the event to go ahead.

Not to be beaten, and to prevent everyone’s hard work going to waste, a reduced fair was run at The Temple after the Nativity Play on Monday and it was fantastic.  The true community spirt of CIS was demonstrated by everyone just lending a hand, taking part in the fun and raising an amazing amount for Tom’s Trust, the school total is now over £1,100!!!  Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Christmas Fun

Thursday, 14 December, 2017

Nursery party, Years 1 to 4 trip to see 'Rapunzel' and Years 5 and 6 at Frankie and Benny's and Bowling


On Tuesday, the Year 5 and 6 children ventured out into a cold and frosty Cambridge for their end of year Christmas Treat.  It started with a very yummy lunch at lunch at Frankie and Benny's followed by ten pin bowling. Everyone had a fantastic time.  It was nice to have some fun at the end of term, as everyone has been working so hard. A few comments from the children include:

'The bowling was fun but it was very hard',  

 'I had sticky pork ribs and they were delicious', 

 'Sometimes bowling can be very tricky but it gets easier if you don't give up'


Coral and Caribbean classes also had a Christmas trip on Tuesday.  They went to the Junction to watch the Christmas show, Rapunzel. The story was a twist on the traditional tale, with Rapunzel the wild child locked up in a tower by her wicked aunt, who runs a beauty salon. She wants to create a world where everyone is perfect, but Rapunzel and her Prince have other ideas!

The children really enjoyed the show, and joined in very enthusiastically when it was time to boo the wicked aunt!


Years 3 & 4 had their trip on Wednesday and also went to The Junction to see Rapunzel and agreed with Coral and Caribbean that it was a great show.


Caspian and Seahorses enjoyed their last morning together on Thursday having a special sharing snack and playing musical statues.   We sang our favourite Christmas songs and hoped that Santa does not get stuck up the chimney!  Merry Christmas from all of The Early Years Team.

Years 5 & 6 Run the Distance

Thursday, 30 November, 2017

Great effort from Years 5 & 6 at the Cambridge Schools Sports Partnership Cross Country

On Monday 27th November, children in Years 5 & 6 braved the cold and competed in the Cambridge Schools Sports Partnership annual cross country event at Netherhall School.  The race was approx. 1500m. There were four events, Y6 boys, Y6 girls, Y5 boys and Y5 girls, and each event had over 100 children competing. All the children tried really hard, they completed the course and represented the school well.  Particular results to note are Yuta in Y6 who came 12th in his age group and Brandon in y5 came 17th in his. 

Amanda Gibbard commented “the children continually learn in these events about pacing themselves and the importance of taking part as well as winning.  It was so pleasing to see their positive ‘can do’ attitudes and sportsmanship approach to the event.  I’m really proud of their efforts.”


Some of the children have commented:

    Elisa - I think it was pretty tough, but it was really fun. I ran faster when I could see people watching me. 
    Lucille - It was more challenging this year, as there were more girls than last year, but I think I did better. 
    Johnny - It was harder then I expected
    Reagan - The hill was a lot steeper than it looked.
    Maya - It was really hard, but last year I came 64th and this year I did better. It was great knowing that this year I beat my score. 

Being Right Neighbourly!

Friday, 24 November, 2017

We played host to our neighbours at Great Abington Primary School for some tag rugby.


On a windy Wednesday afternoon we played host to our neighbours at Great Abington Primary School for some tag rugby.  The focus of the day was on developing new friendships, developing our rugby skills and getting a greater understanding of the core values of rugby Respect, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Discipline and Enjoyment.  

The afternoon was based around skills and games and finished with matches with teams made up of both schools. It was great to see the collaboration and support between all the pupils and their resilience to keep going despite the near gale force wind. 

Congratulations to Reagan and Rebbeca for achieving the 'Rugby Values' certificate and kids first rugby laces. 


What a Foot Print!

Friday, 24 November, 2017

Arafura and Aegean visited the Sedgewick Museum to discover what is 'Under our Feet'


As part of our Active Planet topic, Arafura and Aegean visited the Sedgwick Museum to discover what is 'Under Our Feet'.

We listened attentively to a a talk on fossils and dinosaurs and really enjoyed looking at all the artefacts and becoming geologists.  Finally we looked at the displays on tectonic plates and volcanoes - and were awe inspired by the variety of metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks.  

Chess Club Challenges

Friday, 17 November, 2017

CIS played the third and fourth games of the season in the CCC Schools Challenge on Saturday.


CIS played the third and fourth games of the season in the CCC Schools Challenge on Saturday. A comfortable 4-2 win over Kings Cambridge D team was followed by a more testing assignment against Perse Prep A, who won the title 3 years ago. Their strength and experience told as we were beaten 5-1, though Rebecca on Board 1 scored a great opportunistic victory by spotting a back rack checkmate that her opponent had overlooked. Congratulations to Laila and David who played their first ever games for the school.

All the children showed high standards of behaviour and sportsmanship and should be congratulated for their efforts on Saturday. The next date will be December 2nd, and CIS are paired against St Bede's in the first round of matches.


Following the Pattern

Friday, 10 November, 2017

Years 5 and 6 continue their art project with professional artists



On Monday, Years 5 and 6 produced their prints as part of the Community Art Project with the Peterhouse Technology Group.  They have been working with two local artists to produce prints, exploring ideas relating to the commissioned piece from Alison Turnbull.  The children explored ideas relating to Alison’s commission; abstraction, colour and movement and took the triangular form as inspiration. The local artists, Lyndall Phelps and Adam Bridgland (who specialises in screen-printing and is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London) guided the children in idea generation, concept development and production of their final images, which look amazing.
The children really enjoyed the project, which took three days to complete.  Here are some of their comments; “My favourite bit was taking the photos because I liked looking for shapes.”  “I really liked using two colours together in the screen printing.”  “I liked making up the patterns.”

Art Project for Years 5 and 6

Friday, 03 November, 2017

Years 5 and 6 take photos of natural objects to create their own colourful screen prints



Year 5 & 6 are currently working with local artists Lyndall Phelps and Adam Bridgland who specialises in screen-printing and is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London as part of the public art engagement for a major public art commission by artist Alison Turnbull for the new Peterhouse Technology Park in Fulbourn, which is currently being developed for ARM Holdings.

The children will use photos they take of natural objects to create their own colourful screen prints with the help of the two professional artists.

On Thursday, they met Lyndall and used iPads to take photos in Cherry Hinton Park and on Bateman Street.  They are now creating abstract shapes from their photographs, which will then be overlaid using drawing and collage to make an intricate and colourful artwork. The students will then create a two-colour screen print.

We are thrilled to have been selected to take part in this project.  It is a great opportunity for the children to see art in everyday life and look forward to seeing the finished prints next week.

U11 Football tournament at Netherhall School

Friday, 20 October, 2017

Spirit of the Games


Thursday 19th saw both the U11 girls and boys football teams in action at the Cambridgeshire School Sports Partnership football competition.
The boys played first and had an action-packed morning, with 7 consecutive games to be played.  The boys equipped themselves fantastically and their confidence grew with each game and they started expressing themselves nicely. The spirit and desire from the boys was amazing- they ran and ran for their team, made tackle after tackle, pass after pass and encouraged each other throughout. 

Our boys managed to win two of their matches and draw another, including amazing performances in their last couple of games where their passing and positioning was great. They should all be very proud of themselves. 
The afternoon saw nine very excited, but slightly nervous, Year 5 and 6 girls take the field. 
The first match was a challenge for the CIS girls.  The opposition was very strong and demonstrated this with three goals.  However, this did not dampen the CIS attitude or spirit.  First match over and the girls were more attuned to the game and had got rid of their bus legs.  The next three matches were all much closer and despite the opposition displaying skilled performances, the CIS girls held the matches to 0-0 draws.  
The final group match was against a very strong team, who next to the CIS girls looked like giants!!  Despite the tough pounding and the scoring of three goals against CIS, the girls continued to fight each ball and continually enjoy the game supporting each other.
All group matches complete, just the play-off match left.  This was where the CIS girls suddenly found the goal and made some excellent shots forcing the opposition keeper to regularly save goal attempts.  The final score was 0-0 but in our hearts the CIS girls had won!!
All that was left was the presentation ceremony and the girls had a lovely surprise at being awarded the 'Spirit of the Games' award!  A well-deserved certificate for all the girls who participated.  Well done everyone.
Many thanks to all the parents who attended to support our team. The atmosphere created was great, both supportive and encouraging. Support is always welcome and fixtures are listed on our website and being added to all the time. Mr Salt and Mrs McAlinden

Great Moves

Friday, 20 October, 2017

First Chess Championship of the Season

Saturday morning saw the start of the Cambridgeshire Schools Chess Championship at St Faiths. CIS were represented by Rebecca, Bernard, Brandon, Frans and Alastair.

The first game was a tough one against Milton School, which we lost by 4 points to 2. However the children came storming back in the next round of matches and beat Kimbolton School by 3.5 points to 2.5. 

A team gets a point for a win, half a point for a draw and zero for a loss, and at the end of this round CIS are 19th in the table out of a total of 30 teams. 

A special mention for Alastair, Brandon and Bernard, all of whom were playing in their first school match, but all the children competed very well, playing competitively but in the right sporting spirit. 

They are all looking forward to the next matches which take place on Saturday, November 11th!  Mr Orwin