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Diwali Celebrations

Friday, 13 October, 2017

Year 5 and 6 have fun learning about the Diwali, Festival of Light

On Thursday,  the children in Years 5 and 6 had an interesting and fun afternoon learning about Diwali, the Festival of Light with one of our parents, Tani Gill. The children acted out the story of Rama and Sita and then made a variety of crafts including masks and decorative elephants. At CIS we value the diversity of the community in which we live and enjoy finding out about different faiths. Mrs Gibbard

Shakespeare Schools Festival 2017

Friday, 06 October, 2017

Juniors take on Hamlet!


On Tuesday the 3rd of October, the Junior children representing CIS in this year’s 'Shakespeare Schools Festival' production of Hamlet had a cast workshop at the Mumford theatre. It was run by two lovely actors, Laura and Ronan, who have acted in some amazing productions and shared their stage experience with us. 

We shared our workshop with an amazing group of Year 8s from St Johns Catholic School, who will be performing Romeo and Juliet. They gave us some great tips to help us work together as an ensemble (a fancy theatre word for team) and even joined us on stage to act a scene from Hamlet. 

We are so excited to get down to rehearsing, creating costumes and props and preparing for our big performance on the 15th of November!

Museum visit in Cambridge for Years 3 and 4

Friday, 06 October, 2017

Aegean and Arafura travel to India...almost!


Last Wednesday afternoon, Aegean and Arafura Class set off on a trip to explore life in India as part of our IPC topic ‘Different Places, Similar Lives!’

As we had to go by foot and back for pick up, we didn’t actually visit India but walked to the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology in Downing Street to visit their exhibition about India.  We started by exploring the exhibit about Cambridge and then went upstairs to discover the many interesting and varied artefacts from around the world.  We met Tabbie, our guide, who took us around the Indian exhibit and helped us complete a ‘scavenger hunt’ about the fascinating old and new artefacts.

After that, we were taken up to the third floor where we got to handle objects from India and try to work out their use, their age and what they were made from.  Some of them were quite surprising!

The children were so enthusiastic and learned so much we have arranged another visit to a very different place, the snowy Polar World!

European Day of Languages

Friday, 29 September, 2017

Senior linguists have a great time with Juniors


Tuesday 26th September saw a celebration of different languages and cultures from across the world for European Languages Day at Bateman Street.
The Years 7 and 8 ran a French breakfast café and were serving croissants and pains au chocolat and hot chocolate, dressed beautifully in French berets.  Then all the children from Years 1 to 6 ran stalls in the classrooms, each having some activity from a different country.  Activities included 'pin the fire on the Welsh dragon', Spanish food tasting and golf from Scotland. 
It was great to welcome so many parents to join in the activities with the children.
Mrs Mills commented “It is lovely to see the diversity of the School’s community being celebrated.  Today has provided an opportunity for the children to educate each other about different languages and cultures and they have done so with great enthusiasm.”

Temporary Home at Bateman Street for Infant and Junior Classes

Tuesday, 05 September, 2017

The Nursery, Infant and Primary School area of Cambridge International School at Cherry Hinton Hall is currently undergoing a £3.5 million redevelopment. This work is due to be finished by the end of the year, so for one term the school is moving Years 1 - 6 to the School's premises at 61 Bateman Street.

The Nursery, Infant and Primary School area of Cambridge International School at Cherry Hinton Hall is currently undergoing a £3.5 million redevelopment. This work is due to be finished by the end of the year, so for one term the school is moving Years 1 - 6 to the School's premises at 61 Bateman Street. This site includes bright spacious classrooms, which provide a wonderful learning environment and will ensure continuity in the education provided by the School. The premises also has a safe area in which the children can play at the rear of the building.

The Nursery and Reception classes will remain at Cherry Hinton Hall as their area in the School has been completed, allowing them to start benefiting from the improved facilities.

The exciting development at Cherry Hinton Hall underlines Cambridge International School's long-term commitment to its pupils and parents, to deliver excellent facilities and provide a truly 21st century education. Once complete it will provide a beautiful, modern and light setting in which children will thrive. The unique location of the School in Cherry Hinton Park, as well as the new landscaping and refurbishment of Cherry Hinton Hall will provide the opportunity to expand our outdoor learning programmes and Forest School curriculum, which will enhance our pupils’ learning and development. The School will have a new central enclosed early learning courtyard which will provide a fun activity space for the school’s youngest pupils, linking closely with the internal teaching spaces, and outdoor room for covered learning.  A new ‘Giants Garden’ linked to Cherry Hinton Brook will offer opportunities for children to extend their learning from the library to the outside to ensure that the redeveloped school integrates into Cherry Hinton Park. The improved teaching and learning spaces will provide contemporary and inspiring environments, whilst retaining the unique historical character and setting of the school. 

Mrs Philippa Mills, Principal, commented "The temporary move to Bateman Street will ensure that all the work is completed safely and we are appreciative of how supportive the parents and staff have been in the temporary relocation. We are committed to providing the best education possible to the children here and are looking forward to welcoming the children to Bateman Street for the first term of the academic year."

Science Day at the Seniors

Sunday, 09 July, 2017

FIS @ CIS - Food in Science






On Monday 3rd July, FIS @ CIS (Food in Science) saw Year 5 and Year 6 join in the fun of Science Day for the first time.  Red Cabbage, Ice Cream, Milk, Fruit & Vegetables, Taste Sensations and Honeycomb were all used to explore some scientific principles.

House teams were scored on their collaboration between year groups, their team work, their behaviour and etiquette and, lastly, their enthusiasm.

After Achilles, Athena and Odysseus spent 60 minutes making posters, Science teachers awarded scores for the posters, including information from all six activities, the quality of the Science, creativity and presentation.

Sharon Wu, the new STEM ambassador, collated all the scores in an excel spreadsheet. It was very close overall. However, the upshot was that Achilles won the trophy for the very first time. Congratulations to all the students who took part from all three houses, but special congratulations to Achilles, under the stewardship of their new house captain, Enfys Holmes.

Happy Holidays!

The Rocky Monster Show

Friday, 30 June, 2017

Frightful and delightful...





The Temple Hall rocked this week with the Juniors' performance of the 'The Rocky Monster Show' by Malcom Sircom.  Parents and Senior students were dazzled by two toe-tapping, energetic and ghoulishly scary performances by the young cast, supported by the fearless Junior Choir, who lifted the roof to well-loved creepy tunes such as 'Monster Mash' and 'Thriller', complete with all the grizzly moves.  Well done to the Castle Characters, Narrators, Villagers and Junior Choir.

Keeping Up with the Quadkids

Sunday, 11 June, 2017

Fantastic competitive spirit!




On Thursday 8th June, ten children in Year 5 and 6 took part in the Cambridge School Sport Partnership Quadkids athletics competition at the Wilberforce Road track. This involved competing in four events against other Cambridge schools - 600m run, 75m sprint, vortex howler throw and standing long jump. The weather prevailed and the children showed fantastic competitive spirit including a number of first places! Well done to everyone who took part!

Weaving a Little Magic

Sunday, 28 May, 2017

Last week was Art Week at Cherry Hinton Hall



After a very successful Art Week, where the children at CHH created some wonderful artwork based on the painting 'Penelope and the Suitors' by Pintoricchio, the exhibition was put together and displayed in one of our classrooms on Parents' Evening.

There were all kinds of art on display, from large sculptures to small intricate clay models, with a range of beautiful paintings drawings and weaving in between. The only shame is that it could only be shown in its entirety for a very brief time! For parents who were not fortunate enough to see the wonderful talent on display, these photographs should at least give a flavour of the exhibition.

Trip to Botanic Gardens

Sunday, 14 May, 2017

Year 3 and 4 explored the University Botanic Gardens in Cambridge



Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens to learn more about rainforests. They explored the green house, viewed carnivorous plants up close and went on a nature hunt.