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Festival Time

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Celebrating Purim




Coral Class had great fun learning about Purim, a Jewish festival. We made 'groggers' to shake and shout "boo" when the villain in the story of Esther was mentioned! We were very grateful to Helen for making very special 'hamantaschen', three-cornered cookies to go in our special Purim food gifts.

Mad Science

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

A day of crazy Science



Trip to National History Museum

Monday, 06 March, 2017

Just awesome!


Last Wednesday, as part of their topic on Dinosaurs, Coral and Caribbean classes visited the world famous Natural History Museum in London. There were genuine gasps of awe as the children came face to face with a full size blue whale, a fabulous Stegosaurus skeleton and a terrifying, all too lifelike animatronic model of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex. The children took part in a fascinating workshop on the Stegosaurus skeleton, named Sophie by the museum staff. They learned about some of the many theories surrounding the function of the famous plates all along its back, and came up with some very interesting theories of their own! The trip really did have that Wow! factor and has further inspired the children, who are already fascinated by the dinosaur topic. (Mr Orwin)

First Impressions

Monday, 06 March, 2017

Coral and Caribbean have been making dinosaur fossils


Coral class have been making dinosaur fossils using salt dough as a joint topic and Maths lesson. It lead to enquiries about what type of fossil it was, such as a trace, body or mould fossil. The activity also allowed us to discuss doubling of ingredients when measuring and dividing into half, quarters and eighths! We talked about the amount of pressure used and also found out that if the mixture was too wet it needed some extra flour to get a better moulding. When the salt dough has dried out we shall paint the mould for the imprints with watered brown paint to bring out the dinosaur details in the prints. If you want to try this at home you will need 1 cup salt, 2 cups of flour, ¾ cup of water for the dough and brown colour (paint or food colouring).

Skipping school!

Friday, 24 February, 2017

Getting fit with a skip and a hop






During the last week before half term, the primary school experienced 'Wellbeing Week'. This culminated on Friday February 10th with a visit from 'skip-hop' who run fantastic skipping workshops across the primary school. Here the children learned a variety of different skipping moves, as well as partner skipping and skipping with large ropes. It was fantastic fun!! We also held a 'healthy' cake sale and the children wore colourful clothes to raise money for 'Mind' the mental health charity. We raised just under £135, so thank you everyone for your donations!

Footprints From the Past

Friday, 20 January, 2017

What's in the mysterious package?



Coral and Caribbean classes have begun their topic 'Footprints from the Past.' The children will be learning about what the Earth was like many millions of years ago, and central to this will be the study of dinosaurs and how they lived. To introduce the topic, a special box 'arrived', seemingly from the Natural History Museum. Some very mysterious egg-shaped objects were inside. The children were very excited about these, and there was a lot of discussion as to what they could be. Most, though, agreed eventually that they did seem like dinosaur eggs! The children then carefully prised the 'eggs' apart with special tools, and discovered a dinosaur inside each one. They sketched and wrote about the dinosaur that was inside the egg, and the discussion and questions about dinosaurs that followed prompted a great deal of possible learning opportunities, that we shall be taking up in the following weeks. (Mr Orwin)

Spatially Aware

Friday, 25 November, 2016

Trip to the Science Museum


Coral and Caribbean Class had a wonderful trip to the Science Museum last Monday.

Their topic for the term is ‘Space’, and the children had a truly eye-opening experience at one of the leading museums in the world.

They saw life-sized replicas of rockets and capsules, experienced going to the moon in the Discovery Motion Theatre, and learned all about what life is like for astronauts in space through the Destination Space workshop. 

There were plenty of other fascinating things for them to discover and explore, and overall it was a superb way to consolidate their learning this term. (Mr Orwin)

Infants are Shaping Up

Monday, 10 October, 2016

Exploring 3D shapes

We asked the children if they could build their dream house using 3D shapes. During the course of our reflection time, we noticed that no one in the class had used a sphere in their house. Why was this? The children all agreed is was not possible to use a sphere in a tower design (“It’s too roly poly!,” “It doesn’t have any flat sides!,” “It won’t balance.”). After this conversation, we issued a challenge to the class: let’s see if anyone can build a tower using ALL of the different 3D shapes.

The children discovered that indeed it was possible to build a house using a sphere (“You have to put it at the top because nothing else will balance on it.”) and the children had many interesting reflections about strategies for using all the shapes, how the properties of the shapes affected the planning process, and how the children were inspired by their friends’ ideas.  Miss Ransome

Take One Picture

Friday, 27 May, 2016

More news on the 'Roman Triumph'




The Primary School has taken part in the ‘Take One Picture’ week - a countrywide scheme for primary schools organised by The National Gallery.  Each year, the Gallery focuses on one painting from its collection to inspire cross-curricular work in primary classrooms.  The picture is used as a stimulus for developing imaginative work in various ways.  National Gallery Education will display a selection of finished pieces of work in the annual exhibition.

This year the painting is ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Paul Rubens, painted circa 1630.  Amazing classwork has been revolving around the study of this painting.  Children looked at patterns, habitats, drama, architecture, and they have been using different materials such as mud rock, wire, paper mache.  The work was then displayed during the parents evening. (Mrs Gibbard)

A Triumph in Painting

Friday, 20 May, 2016

Seahorses celebrate Arts Week


This week in Seahorses we have been celebrating Arts Week.  As a whole school we have all looked at Peter Paul Ruben’s painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ c1630.  The painting depicts a victory march in honour of a Roman general’s military success.

Initially, the children were introduced to the picture by working in a group to put a jigsaw together.  The children looked at the painting and talked about their ideas.  We quickly picked up that it was a celebration, and we noticed the fruit and animals in the painting.  We also noticed the use of instruments.  We thought about what kind of music might be played and then we listened to fanfare music.

Afterwards we went outside and tried to recreate fanfare music using various instruments.

We wove a large tapestry and baskets, filling them with fruit.

We created necklaces, bracelets and cuffs to wear during a Roman triumph.

Another aspect of the painting that we noticed was the fruit, so next we did still life drawings of fruit using oil pastels and black paper.  Then we painted a picture of a basket of fruit using watercolours. (Miss Ransome)