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Hey Ewe!

Friday, 15 December, 2017

Infants' Nativity

On Monday, the Infants finally got the opportunity to perform their Nativity show, 'Hey Ewe'.  They were supported by the choir, which contained all of the Junior school children.  Hence, the show involved all of the Primary School children and was performed at The Temple in front of a full house of family and friends.

Everyone has been practising it for many weeks, but no matter the success of previous productions, hearts are always a little in mouths before the show begins! Will the children remember their lines? Will everyone have the right costume? Will they all remember to sing nice and clearly?

Needless to say, we need not have worried. The children were magnificent and performed beautifully. They have really enjoyed the process of rehearsing and getting ready for the production, and this was a chance to show you all of their hard work. We hope you enjoyed the results as much as we did!

Christmas Fair December 2017

Friday, 15 December, 2017

Amazing £1100 raised for 'Tom's Trust' charity


Sunday 10th December was the day planned for the 'Friends of CIS' Christmas Fair.  Weeks of planning, by both the school and a committee of parent volunteers, were to culminate in a celebration of Christmas from around the world and provide the whole school community the opportunity to come together and share festive greetings, which also having a lot of fun and raising money for the school’s chosen charity, 'Tom’s Trust'. 

However, Sunday the 10th arrived and it snowed and snowed and snowed and it soon became apparent that the roads to The Temple, were treacherous and it would not be safe for the event to go ahead.

Not to be beaten, and to prevent everyone’s hard work going to waste, a reduced fair was run at The Temple after the Nativity Play on Monday and it was fantastic.  The true community spirt of CIS was demonstrated by everyone just lending a hand, taking part in the fun and raising an amazing amount for Tom’s Trust, the school total is now over £1,100!!!  Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

ISA Badminton - Seniors

Thursday, 14 December, 2017

The Seniors sent a team up to Nottingham University to play in the ISA National Badminton competition

Three of our students were lucky enough to take part in the ISA National Badminton competition at Nottingham University last Thursday.  The setting was outstanding with the pupils were playing in the impressive sports village at the University.  

The experience was positive.  They played against some fantatsic players, including a handful who have represented their country.  Bellah and Sharon will take a lot from the experience and they gained a greater understanding of playing competition badminton.  Enrico, who scored three consecutive points against an England player, grew with confidence as the tournament went on and got to the final of the Plate competition.  Everyone should be proud of their efforts on what was a very enjoyable day. Mr Salt

Christmas Fun

Thursday, 14 December, 2017

Nursery party, Years 1 to 4 trip to see 'Rapunzel' and Years 5 and 6 at Frankie and Benny's and Bowling


On Tuesday, the Year 5 and 6 children ventured out into a cold and frosty Cambridge for their end of year Christmas Treat.  It started with a very yummy lunch at lunch at Frankie and Benny's followed by ten pin bowling. Everyone had a fantastic time.  It was nice to have some fun at the end of term, as everyone has been working so hard. A few comments from the children include:

'The bowling was fun but it was very hard',  

 'I had sticky pork ribs and they were delicious', 

 'Sometimes bowling can be very tricky but it gets easier if you don't give up'


Coral and Caribbean classes also had a Christmas trip on Tuesday.  They went to the Junction to watch the Christmas show, Rapunzel. The story was a twist on the traditional tale, with Rapunzel the wild child locked up in a tower by her wicked aunt, who runs a beauty salon. She wants to create a world where everyone is perfect, but Rapunzel and her Prince have other ideas!

The children really enjoyed the show, and joined in very enthusiastically when it was time to boo the wicked aunt!


Years 3 & 4 had their trip on Wednesday and also went to The Junction to see Rapunzel and agreed with Coral and Caribbean that it was a great show.


Caspian and Seahorses enjoyed their last morning together on Thursday having a special sharing snack and playing musical statues.   We sang our favourite Christmas songs and hoped that Santa does not get stuck up the chimney!  Merry Christmas from all of The Early Years Team.

Year 10 Spanish

Friday, 01 December, 2017

Year 10 demonstrate their language talents in Spanish


This week (week commencing 27th November) has been a very exciting one for Y10 Spanish students. All students have prepared a presentation about a Spanish city. They have talked, in front of the class, about its monuments, attractions or things to do for young people. Students confidently gave fantastic presentations.  Also in Year 10 this week, Ari and Luis had the chance to prepare and deliver a Spanish lesson about the verb “to be” and the key phrase “the good/bad thing is…”. For both, it was their first experience at being 'teachers'.  They had to plan the lesson and think of methods in which to best teach the topic.
They both did a great job as the class fully understood the lesson.  Well done to all Spanish students in Year 10!


Friday, 01 December, 2017

There's more to pondweed than first meets the eye



Hydrogencarbonate indicator is a colourful way to measure carbon dioxide levels in aquatic ecosystems. It is red in equilibrium with atmospheric air, which then transforms into a orange/yellow colour with increased levels of carbon dioxide.

As carbon dioxide is removed, it changes from red through magenta to deep purple. The results seen in the pictures have been the best so far. Students were able to link these observations to what they knew about photosynthesis and indeed were able to confirm what you set out to show in the experiment.

The Science explained.
Green plants and algae use up carbon dioxide – removing it from the indicator turning it purple as they carry out photosynthesis.
BUT... they also produce carbon dioxide as they respire – all living things respire all the time, hence turning the indicator yellow. J. Yiangou

U13 Hockey V Stoke College (away)

Friday, 01 December, 2017

Perseverance despite the snow

The Year 7 and 8 girls and Boaz played a good bit tough match. Borrowing a couple of players from Stoke College to make two 11 a-side teams, the CIS team attacked all match. Stoke College put a lot of pressure on the CIS team scoring three goals. Despite this, the CIS team kept their heads up and continually persevered through the match. The highlight for the team was playing though a flurry of snow! Mrs McAlinden

U16 Hockey V Stoke College (home)

Friday, 01 December, 2017

Intense and competitive, good result

The under 16 hockey team played a very intense and competitive match against Stoke College on Tuesday 28th November.  The CIS team were determined to win the match and came out fighting.
The first quarter was very close, with Stoke creating slightly more chances, but thanks to some great defending from Ellie, Andrew, Sofia and Sasha and super goalkeeping from Ari, there were no goals scored.
The second quarter saw CIS put a lot more pressure on the Stoke College team. More scoring opportunities for the CIS team, with one finally finding the back of the goal, 1-0. The attacking players of Maria, Ella, Sarah and Iona worked tirelessly through the final two quarters with many goal opportunities but all ending slightly wide of the target. Well done to the whole team, a very tough and hard fought win.  Mrs R McAlinden

U13 Rugby V Stoke College (away)

Friday, 01 December, 2017

Catching the right spirit, even with cold hands

They say the test of a good premier league football team is how they perform on a cold winters day away to Stoke City. So we decided to challenge our U13's Rugby team with a cold winter's trip to Stoke College.  Cold weather equals cold hands.  Cold hands makes it hard to throw and catch - two essentials of rugby!

The boys, however, showed outstanding determination and desire to play attacking rugby, making some excellent runs and, as the match moved on, passing the ball well to make the most of spaces.  We combined the boys from CIS and Stoke to make two 'Barbarian' teams.  The result was a feast of tries, with each of the CIS boys scoring at least once.

So, what did we find out about our U13s on a cold day in Stoke-by-clare? Well, they can all play superb attacking rugby, they have the confidence to work with and meet new people and the resiliance to play in any conditions.

Well done boys great work!

Wild day for Early Years

Friday, 01 December, 2017

Seahorse and Caspian Classes had a great visit to Shepreth Wildlife park for the start of their animal topic.





On Thursday 30th November, Seahorses and Caspian classes headed out for a day trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park. This was the children’s first trip of the year and there was excitement in the air!  After a short bus ride, the children arrived at the park ready for a whole day of looking at and interacting with the different animals. We explored the park and took part in a ‘meet the animals’ experience.  Next term our topic will be ‘animals’ and the visit was a great introduction to the areas we will learning about in more detail. Despite the cold conditions we had a fantastic day and saw plenty of weird and wonderful creatures and enjoyed the train ride home!