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Science Day at the Seniors

Sunday, 09 July, 2017

FIS @ CIS - Food in Science






On Monday 3rd July, FIS @ CIS (Food in Science) saw Year 5 and Year 6 join in the fun of Science Day for the first time.  Red Cabbage, Ice Cream, Milk, Fruit & Vegetables, Taste Sensations and Honeycomb were all used to explore some scientific principles.

House teams were scored on their collaboration between year groups, their team work, their behaviour and etiquette and, lastly, their enthusiasm.

After Achilles, Athena and Odysseus spent 60 minutes making posters, Science teachers awarded scores for the posters, including information from all six activities, the quality of the Science, creativity and presentation.

Sharon Wu, the new STEM ambassador, collated all the scores in an excel spreadsheet. It was very close overall. However, the upshot was that Achilles won the trophy for the very first time. Congratulations to all the students who took part from all three houses, but special congratulations to Achilles, under the stewardship of their new house captain, Enfys Holmes.

Happy Holidays!

What a Waste!

Sunday, 09 July, 2017

How can we protect endangered oceans


Year 7 and Year 8 are doing a mini unit on  oceans. There is more in the sea than just fish, it turns out.  Unfortunately plastics, antibiotics and oil are some of the unwanted items that are floating in our beautiful waters. Each class read about the history of ocean pollution and recreated the story by adding different types of pollutants into a container with water as they read on. The end result was a fine mess! In the next lesson we had a think about ways that can limit trash ending up in the oceans.

The Rocky Monster Show

Friday, 30 June, 2017

Frightful and delightful...





The Temple Hall rocked this week with the Juniors' performance of the 'The Rocky Monster Show' by Malcom Sircom.  Parents and Senior students were dazzled by two toe-tapping, energetic and ghoulishly scary performances by the young cast, supported by the fearless Junior Choir, who lifted the roof to well-loved creepy tunes such as 'Monster Mash' and 'Thriller', complete with all the grizzly moves.  Well done to the Castle Characters, Narrators, Villagers and Junior Choir.

Woodland Fun

Friday, 30 June, 2017

This week, in Coral class, we have finished off our Woodland Creatures' mini gardens.  We foraged in the beautiful park to find the natural bits and bobs we needed for being creative. "It was the best




This week, in Coral class, we have finished off our Woodland Creatures' mini gardens.  We foraged in the beautiful park to find the natural bits and bobs we needed for being creative. "It was the best day ever", apparently!

In the classroom this week

Friday, 30 June, 2017

Year 9 learn about Hinduism in R.S.

Students in year 9 have been studying Hinduism this term. To round off the topic, this week we have been learning about how Hindus worship in the home and at the mandir (temple). 9 Ionian gathered around as Emily helped to act out the typical puja worship rituals that are traditionally done by the mother of the family in the home. We used the statue, or murti, of Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation, as the main focus, and laid out a variety of objects (shown in the picture).

We started by taking off our shoes to prepare ourselves, and then ringing the bell, which is believed to bring the presence of the god to the murti. Then water is poured over the murti and it is ‘dressed’ with garlands and clothes. A spot of red kumkum powder was placed between the eyes of the murti and on the class members present (who wanted it). At this point during puja, prayers and meditation would normally take place (which we did not do as we were re-enacting the process rather than worshipping the Hindu gods ourselves). Offerings of food, flowers and incense would be made, and are believed by Hindus to be blessed by the gods when this is done. Following this, the arti lamp is lit. It is waved in front of the murti and the mother (in our case, Emily) passes her hands over the lamp and then over her eyes and head. The puja ritual is now complete; worshippers are now ready to face the day.

The purpose of this task was not to worship the gods ourselves but to learn about the daily worship rituals that might be done in many Hindu families around the world. Daniel said he noticed that there was an organised process to the Hindu worship, which had a specific order to it, and which he found different to how he expected. Emily says she enjoyed taking part in the ritual of Hindu puja. James said “I really enjoyed learning this way of worship so I can understand different religious traditions more”.

Well done to the members of year 9 who took part in the lesson. (Mrs Hall)



And they're off

Friday, 30 June, 2017

Year 11s end their school days in style

It was time for Year 11s to celebrate the end of their school days at the Leavers' Assembly, with parents and family and staff.  With music, thoughts, reflections and 'thank yous' to staff, Year 11 said their goodbyes to CIS.  Then they shed their navy uniforms for the last time and suddenly metamorphosed into sophisticated young ladies and gentlemen, elegant enough to grace any red carpet.

Drinks on the lawn, a spot of punting and a three-course dinner at the DoubleTree Hilton in Cambridge eased the school-leaving Elevens gently into the world beyond school... and their own post-Prom partying! 

Science This Week

Saturday, 24 June, 2017

Jelly Babies, iron filings - experiments to wonder at




There has been a lot of activity in the Science labs this week, especially for Year 8 Bosphorus and Java classes. Mr Bennett explains...

Year 8 have been investigating combustion. The 'screaming jelly baby' experiment demonstrated the power of combining something with pure oxygen - Java Class were stunned into spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter.

When Bosphorus and Java heated different forms of iron, they reacted with the oxygen in air at very different speeds, depending on the surface area of the iron. (Iron nails react very slowly, whereas iron filings react in milliseconds.) Iron (II) ethanoate that has been decomposed by heat has such tiny pieces and such a large surface area, it doesn't even need any extra heat to ignite - you just sprinkle it into normal air and it bursts into flames!

Adding two different solutions together and forming a solid is known as "precipitation" in Chemistry, although it has nothing to do with the geographical use of the same word, which means rainfall, snow, sleet, etc. Bosphorous used solubility rules to predict when insoluble precipitates would form and then tested their predictions.

Gorged in Adventures

Saturday, 24 June, 2017

Years 7 and 8 have a great time in Wales






Year 7 and 8 students had an amazing time in Wales last week. Here are some of their comments:

'I enjoyed the Wales trip for many reasons. Firstly, I really liked coasteering because we had to swim in the ocean and I also enjoyed jumping off a 10 metre cliff into the sea. Secondly, gorge walking, since I could go in the water and climb waterfalls. Finally, when we climbed Pen Y Fan, I was really proud because it was my first mountain that I had climbed.' (Nikhil)

'My favourite activity was gorge walking and coasteering, because we jumped from the waterfall. I want to go there again.' (Kosuke)

'I loved the gorge walking so much. The teachers were so nice and let us have the perfect amount of free time. I also loved the groups and how nice everyone was to each other. The coasteering was also amazing .. I loooved this trip!' (Elisa)

'I enjoyed gorge walking because it was a new experience for me.' (Tarek)

'I was able to talk to people other than the students and friends in my Year. I was given a chance to try new and terrifying things, like gorge walking and coasteering, and I'm thankful.' (Sarah)

'In Wales, I really enjoyed the gorge walk and coasteering. These activities were exciting and extremely fun to do. Also, I faced my fears when I jumped off the cliff, which was something I feel really proud of. The Wales trip was, overall, one of the best trips I have been to. I got to experience new and amazing things I never imagined I would try.' (Aqida)

'I really enjoyed trying out the new activities that you can't do at PGL, such as gorge walking and real rock climbing. My favourite activity was definitely climbing because it was much more challenging than on artificial climbing walls. It was an awesome trip and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.' (Emma)

'Coasteering was interesting, as well as climbing and jumping. I had fun and would like to do it all again.' (Iman)

'I really enjoyed the trip to Wales, especially the gorge walking. It was a new experience, a little scary, but great fun.' (Lucas)

'What I enjoyed about the trip to Wales was that in my group we all worked together and helped each other, especially in the gorge walking, which was my favourite.'  'I enjoyed climbing.'  'I enjoyed the gorge walk but my favourite activity was coasteering.'  'I enjoyed gorge walking the most - it was very exhilarating and exiting. Also, I conquered my fear of heights.' (Anons)

This trip was, with no doubt, definitely a winner!


Wherefore Art Thou, Tradition?

Sunday, 11 June, 2017

A dark but bright interpretation of Romeo and Juliet

Inspired by the teaching of Romeo and Juliet to Year 9, a bunch of Senior Staff went to the Globe Theatre on London's Southbank in the half-term holiday to see, what is described as, a 'bold re-imagining' of Shakespeare's famous tale of love, revenge and death. Intentionally grotesque, and somewhat lacking old-fashioned romance, it focuses on the darker themes of the tragedy in a cleverly bright and vibrant way.

The production probably isn't every one's cup of tea but if you enjoy watching lively, modern and risqué interpretations of a classic, then it's one to see. The sense of fun and camaraderie between actors and the audience gives it a great atmosphere and helps you imagine what it was like in Shakespeare's day.

On the day we went, the deluge of London rain during the interval and second half, soaking the central standing area of the roofless theatre (and those who stood there), brought the realism of 16th century theatre-going into the make-belief of this 21st century production. The difference now is, of course, the sudden mass sale of white plastic poncho's! (Ed)

Elements of True Grit

Sunday, 11 June, 2017

Seniors race despite inclement weather

Good weather for farmers and ducks but not for Sports Days!

Tuesday's Sports Day was a wash out for the Juniors, but the Seniors pressed on in the wind and rain to complete the morning session. With the Houses, Odysseus, Athena and Achilles, battling it out on the track for the Cup.

We managed to complete all the track events including the hurdles with some outstanding races. I was left, once again, feeling proud of our pupils, their spirit and attitude was amazing. They supported each other in victory and defeat, reassured each other when nervous, helped staff without being asked and, above all, made the event fun for all those involved. (Mr Salt)

Race Winners:

100 Metres
Yr 7 & 8 Girls: 1st Sarah, 2nd Iona, 3rd Ruby
Yr 7 & 8 Boys: 1st Tarek, 2nd Kosuke, 3rd Felix
Yr 9 & 10 Girls: 1st Rosalyn, 2nd Ella, 3rd Suki-Mai
Yr 9 & 10 Boys: 1st Manas, 2nd Oliver, 3rd Andrew

200 Metres
Yr 7 & 8 Girls: 1st Sarah, 2nd Iona, 3rd Aqida
Yr 7 & 8 Boys: 1st Kosuke, 2nd Jamie, 3rd Peter
Yr 9 & 10 Girls: 1st Rosalyn, 2nd Maria, 3rd Evie
Yr 9 & 10 Boys: 1st Axel, 2nd Oliver, 3rd Manas

800 Metres
Yr 7 & 8 Girls: 1st Iona, 2nd Sarah, 3rd Emma
Yr 7 & 8 Boys: 1st Shunji, 2nd Jamie, 3rd David
Yr 9 & 10 Girls: 1st Ella, 2nd Rosie, 3rd Lijie
Yr 9 & 10 Boys: 1st Axel, 2nd Dan P, 3rd Manas

Yr 7 & 8 Girls:1st Iona, 2nd Emma, 3rd Anni
Yr 7 & 8 Boys:1st Tarek, 2nd Jamie, 3rd Pascal
Yr 9 & 10 Girls:1st Rosalyn, 2nd Ella, 3rd Klara
Yr 9 & 10 Boys:1st Axel, 2nd Alex, 3rd Dan P