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Going Solo

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Meet our special guest



On Wednesday we had a special guest at our assembly named Solo. With a beautiful black coat of fur and four paws, he got the students’ attention quite easily! It was lovely to hear from the organisation ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ about the work that they are doing, providing dogs for deaf people and in doing so, changing lives.

The students heard about the processes involved in training a dog up to become a helper to a deaf person and the incredible impact that a dog can have to someone’s well being and quality of life. They were full of great questions and really enjoyed getting to hear about this amazing charity. Students had been asked to consider donating to the charity beforehand and I am pleased to say we raised nearly £100. Geoff and Pam Harper, the dogs current trainers, were extremely grateful for the opportunity to come in and for our generous contribution to the charity.

Next week, Solo (now 17 months) gets to meet his new family, and the Harpers will start all over again training an 8 week old puppy! The students were shocked by the incredibly difficult sacrifice this couple make every year to start all the way over from scratch! (Mr Dixon)

Anglia Ruskin University faculty are trained by Ci6 students

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Ci6 has developed a very collaborative relationship with many of the faculty at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), especially in the Business School.ARU was awarded 'Entrepreneurial University of the



Ci6 has developed a very collaborative relationship with many of the faculty at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), especially in the Business School.

ARU was awarded 'Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2014' and has a very flexible and cooperative approach to learning. Since Ci6 opened its doors in September 2016 we have been overwhelmed by the support given to us by ARU staff, especially Dr Abi Hunt, Head of Department for Marketing, Enterprise, and Tourism at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School.

At her very first meeting with Ci6 students back in October 2016, Dr Hunt was extremely impressed with the way the students were organising themselves and using Trello to organise their Autumn Music Festival. ARU was in the process of developing its BSc in Event Management and Dr Hunt wanted Ci6 students to demonstrate how they were using Trello to the ARU Faculty members developing the new degree course. Ci6 were thrilled to welcome Dr Michael Duignan and Dr Estela Fernandez-Sabiote, leading academics from the Lord Ashcroft International Business School. Michael and Estela were given an overview of the unique approach to post-16 education delivered at Ci6 by the current students. After which two students, Annabelle Grove and Kanako Komori, led an interactive training session on how they use Trello. Michael and Estela were very interested in the functionality of Trello and asked lots of questions to ensure they fully understood its potential. They learnt very quickly how to create boards and navigate around a team structure. Both Michael and Estela expressed how well the training session was delivered and how impressed they were by Ci6 students. "It's refreshing to see a school with such an ethos, what you're doing is flexible and holistic" said Dr Michael Duignan, he also tweeted later how much he had enjoyed his visit. "It was a pleasure to visit @cischool_uk yestday to learn about their innovative, inclusive approach to #ALevel learning+use of @trello! @ARU_BusinessSch" We hope that this is the beginning of a highly collaborative relationship with both Michael and Estela.

Music matters!

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Great things can happen when you break out of your normal habits


We recently visited two local, independent stores in the heart of Cambridge to help us with some of the plans we have to further improve our school environment. Millers Music, which has been based in Cambridge since 1856, was our first stop. We tried out some wonderful pianos. Everyone took turns on the different pianos and we finally decided on a quirky tan piano that we are hoping to rent for a small monthly fee. Grace Fernando was teaching a few people, including Andrea the Vice Principal, the beginning of 'Für Elise' by Beethoven. The second store we visited was Campkins Future Vision. We purchased some polaroid camera cartridges to create our polaroid picture wall. We were bowled over by how helpful they were, even offering to charge our camera battery overnight. We also decided to take our Ci6 Ideas Machine to the MichaelHouse cafe for the afternoon. Great ideas were generated over cake, coffee and cheese scones. A brief look at the iconic TimeEater finished off our afternoon out and about. Great things can happen when you break out of your normal habits, change your surroundings and think outside of the box.

Paintings, Pictures and Photos

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Learning about shapes and colours


Juniors have been studying paintings, pictures and photographs. They cut up a picture and each pupil looked at the colours, shapes and patterns in their piece. They also looked to see if there were parts of people, animals, buildings, sky, land or sea. After carefully copying what they saw using their favourite medium, they resembled both the original and their own picture to compare the two. They had some surprising results!

U16 Football v Gosfield School

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Still plenty to think about

Whilst the U11s battled on the small pitches playing 5-a-side, our Year 11s took on Gosfield School on the Temple playing fields. With confidence high, the boys were expecting a positive result but the Gosfield team was well drilled and attacked with speed. Some basic errors put CIS on the back foot, with missed place passes and poor control adding to the pressure. Two clear-cut penalties gave CIS their goals, both cooly taken - one from Louie and one from Josh. The game ended 2-4 to the visitors, giving the Year 11s plenty to think about before their upcoming fixture with Walden School (22nd of Feb 4:15 kick off).

U13 Football v Moreton Hall

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Bitterly cold conditions

Our U13s came up against a well-drilled and tough opposition on Thursday, and, with the CIS team depleted through absence and illness, the boys found it hard to assert themselves on the match. The conditions were bitterly cold but the boys kept going working hard to create chances and defend resiliently. The Moreton Hall goal keeper had an exceptional game and prevented CIS from being more in the match. Final score 9-2 to Moreton Hall. Keep going boys.

U13 Netball v Moreton Hall

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Resilience throughout!

It was a cold wet afternoon but, thankfully, Moreton Hall had a sports hall we could play netball in. The U13 girls played their toughest match to date. The strength of play from Moreton Hall was excellent and very tough to keep up with. Despite this, the U13 girls kept their chins up throughout the match and continually strived to get the ball to the attacking players. The girls should be very proud of how they approached the match and their resilience throughout.

U13 Football v Stoke College

Friday, 10 February, 2017

A great game to watch!

Attack seemed the order of the day as the CIS U13s faced off against Stoke College last Thursday. The game was end-to-end with goals galore, and the final score was 8-6 with CIS victorious. All the available CIS boys played and everyone can be very proud of their efforts. There is work to be done with defensive positioning, but in attack they were dynamic. It was a great game to watch. Well done to Shunji for scoring four times for CIS.

U11 Netball & Football v Dame Bradbury

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Goals, goals, goals!

The U11s game v Dame Bradbury's was moved on to two matches, one on Astroturf and one indoors in the sports hall, due to unplayable pitches. This led to some high speed frantic football, with goals goals goals. All four matches were played with the honours shared as two wins and two defeats for each school. It is great to see the boys developing as a team and continuing to work together to achieve positive outcomes.

U11 5-a-side – ISA East Event, Stoke College

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Learning more about positioning and tactics

Seven Year 6 boys made the trip to Stoke College on Friday 3rd February for the Independent School Association 5-a-side football tournament. The boys played five games in total against some very good opposition. After winning their first game the boys went on to draw two and lose two. The two teams they lost to got to the semi final and final respectively. The boys progressed nicely over the day and learnt more about positioning and tactics, as well as the importance of moving the ball quickly. Well done boys - a good day's football.