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Aiming High

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Visitors from Tokyo



At this time of year, CIS welcomes students from the Kaetsu Ariake Senior High School, Tokyo for a cultural exchange.

This year, our Year 10 students were educated by their guests in the art of kendama (a Japanese version of cup and ball), waribashideppo (a toy gun made of disposable chopsticks and rubber bands), and a quiz about Japan. In exchange, the Kaetsu Ariake Seniors tried a delicious British culinary classic - fresh scones, clotted cream, jam and a cup of tea. All the students got on really well and had great fun with the quiz and games.

U15 Netball V Gosfield School - 2 matches

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

CIS 9-2

The Under 15 girls were visited at CIS by Gosfield School for a netball fixture. This was a great opportunity to allow all girls in Years 9 and 10 to experience a match, some for their first time. The group were split into two, playing two different matches. The first match, which consisted of the more experienced players, was won by CIS 9-2.

Throughout the game, the team demonstrated just how far they have progressed through the netball season. The match was by far their best, with excellent movement and ball skills across the court from all players. The second match was played by the less-experienced team of girls. This did not stop their efforts and they all worked hard. It was a really good experience for these girls, despite the score being a 14-0 loss. Well done to all the girls who participated. (Mrs McAlinden)

U13 Netball v Gosfield School - 2 teams

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Win win!

Another match against Gosfield school, this time with the Under 13 netball team playing. Gosfield brought two teams to CIS so we were able to play two separate matches. The first match was against the Gosfield strongest team so the CIS girls played in their strongest positions. The match was very close with the scores being level through the first half, with CIS pulling away in the second half to win 8-5.

The games were by far the best the CIS girls have played - they demonstrated great spatial awareness and movement allowing the ball to travel down the court to the shooters. The second match was a different experience for the CIS girls. It was against a much weaker Gosfield team so the CIS girls were mixed up and taken out of their comfort zone. Defenders became shooters, centre court players were thrown into defending in the circle and attackers moved towards the centre of the court.

Despite the girls playing in unfamiliar positions they still won with a score of 7-1. It was a great experience for them to help build their understanding of the game of netball from a different perspective. Well done to all the girls. (Mrs McAlinden)

U11 Football V Moreton Hall

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

CIS 1-2 Moreton Hall

After many successful Senior fixtures with Moreton Hall over the last few years, it was great to have our Primary School pupils matching up with them for the first time.

The U11s playing on the Senior School playing fields scored after just 30 seconds when Loic capitalised on a mistake at the back to slot home. Any thoughts that the match would be easy were quickly put to bed as Moreton Hall passed the ball around with confidence, making CIS defend.

The defensive play from CIS was outstanding, with constant strong tackles from Bryan, and Isaac preventing many chances at the CIS goal. In attack, CIS failed to support the ball carrier and as a result found it hard to sustain any attack for to long, limiting themselves to individual efforts on goal. With the team constantly rotating to allow everyone some good game-time, CIS lacked rhythm.

At half time, CIS were 1-0 up and were defending brilliantly, including some fantastic saves from Sam in goal. The second half carried on in the same manner, the boys tracking every run and tackling hard to protect the lead. The equaliser came in unfortunate circumstances with Moreton Hall reacting quickest to a bouncing ball to score, while the keeper was on the floor. Erik was strong in defence, whilst Mason and Reagan maintained their width well to give CIS an outlet in attack.

The winning goal from Moreton Hall came from within their own half as a volley forward bounced over the stranded goal keeper and into the top of the net. It was hard for the boys to take, after such strong defence, but they bounced back and attacked a couple more times to search for the equaliser they deserved. Unfortunately it was't to be. Everyone can be pleased with their efforts and perseverance. Well done boys. (Mr Salt)

U9 Netball v Gosfield School

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Great coaching opportunity

I had the privilege of covering the Under 9 netball fixture against Gosfield School on Monday 13th March.

The five girls participating arrived at The Temple incredibly excited about being on the Senior School site and playing their first netball match. It was lovely to see such enjoyment gained from their participation. The girls spent some time warming up before Lara was chosen as the captain. She confidently spoke to the Gosfield captain and selected to have the first centre pass for the CIS girls.

The match was played as a coaching opportunity on both sides, with the umpire from Gosfield and myself helping all the girls with their netball play. There was some lovely strong play from the CIS girls. Mia was very good at seeing available space and moving into it to receive passes. Lara was very strong at Centre and was vital in the movement of the ball from the defensive players to the attackers. Lucille worked tirelessly as Goal Keeper and made some fantastic intercepts. Katie started in defence where she demonstrated her ability to understand the game. She then moved to Goal Attack and was the scorer of the two goals which won CIS the match. Lilly showed some excellent movement skills, dodging her opponent to move into space ready to receive a pass. Well done to all the girls. Mrs McAlinden

Festival Time

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

Celebrating Purim




Coral Class had great fun learning about Purim, a Jewish festival. We made 'groggers' to shake and shout "boo" when the villain in the story of Esther was mentioned! We were very grateful to Helen for making very special 'hamantaschen', three-cornered cookies to go in our special Purim food gifts.

Mad Science

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017

A day of crazy Science



Trip to the American Cemetery

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017

Year 5 and 6 learning about the past




On Monday 6th March, Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a trip to the American Cemetery here in Cambridge, to extend their learning about World War Two. Highlights included a talk from Ryan's father, Richard, about the American involvement in World War Two and hearing about their so-called ‘friendly invasion’ of Britain. We were proud to share the knowledge we had already gained about World War Two through our English Mother Tongue lessons, and to extend it with this experience.

Cracking Final - 52-22

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017

Year 11 Glory at ISA U16s Rugby Sevens

CIS entered its first ever Rugby Sevens competition on Wednesday, with eight Year 11s making the trip to Maidenhead for the ISA U16s Rugby Sevens.

CIS were scheduled to play four pool games. They needed to adapt quickly to the new style of play and, to their credit, the boys learnt fast and improved every match. The first match turned out to be against the eventual pool winners Quinton House who were well-drilled and powerful, catching the boys a little on the back foot with their intensity. 7-42!

Over the course of the next two matches the boys reduced their margin of defeat by 10 each time and looked more and more threatening. The last pool game was against Stoke College, a familiar foe. We knew this one would be close - and it was, with CIS narrowly losing 17-19, having missed a conversion kick in front of the posts after scoring with the last play of the game.

So finishing bottom of pool 'B', we progressed to the bowl final to face 5th place in pool 'A'. By now, the boys were very tired, but were more experienced, more aware. The bowl final was on the main pitch at Maidenhead, a 4g pitch in front of a stand, with everyone at the tournament watching. To say the boys stepped up was an understatement! They found their confidence and pleased the crowd with their quick feet, offloads and big hits.

The boys won a cracking bowl final - 52-22 - showing everyone what they were capable of. I found myself once again proud of the boys, how they kept going despite defeat, to find an amazing victory, how they supported each other through bumps and bruises, mistakes and successes. Well done to Magnus, Justin, Louie, Kennedy, Adalgisio, Daniel, Joshua and Martin. (Mr Salt)

U11 Quicksticks Tournament 2017 on 8th March

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017

It was a very exciting tournament for all the CIS students.

A selection of the Year 5 and 6 girls and boys started their day by going to the annual hockey competition of Quicksticks. A large number of teams from schools around Cambridgeshire were competing on Thursday to win the tournament.

CIS had two teams representing the school. CIS 'A' started playing first but it was not their best game of the day and sadly they lost. However, that fact made them realise they had to play better as a team for the coming matches. Both the CIS teams played five matches and their amazing attitude showed a strong commitment to the team.

Meanwhile, CIS 'B' started with some great results, with the boys defending the goal with confident tackles and open passes to the forwards and the girls showing their skills in front of their opponent’s goal. Lili-Rose, Elisa and Maya scored some lovely goals for the team and Ryan, Erik and Bryan were strong but calm at the defending line.

At the end of the tournament, they had 4 victories and lost 1. That put them 2nd in their group. It was great to see them shaking hands with the other team players after every match. CIS 'A' also had very nice performances, and great games to watch. We could see some impressive skills from Isaac and Sharon, being the players who scored the most in the team. Nevertheless, Roman and Loïc defended the goal until the last minute. On some occasions, they had to run to defend a couple of counterattacks and they managed to keep the opposition away from our goal. Marin and Alicia were also a key part of the team, making intelligent passes and fighting for the repossession of the ball. At the end of the tournament, they had 3 victories, 1 draw and 1 loss. That made them finish in 3rd position in their group.

It was a very exciting tournament for all the CIS students. Looking at the future, we could have some amazing and very skilful young hockey players around the school, all willing to make the most of this fascinating sport. ¡Muchas gracias chicos y chicas! (Miss Marti)