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Joel Dixon

Deputy Head of Seniors and Head of Mathematics

Life before CIS

Like many of our students at CIS, I grew up in country that I wasn’t born in.  My family moved from the US to Spain when I was 2 years old.  I grew up at an international school and had friends from all over the world.  That diversity became the norm for me from an early age and I have gravitated towards schools and environments that have an international focus all of my life.  I went back to the US for university and finished my degree in education in 2008.  After this I moved to Nairobi, Kenya to work at an international school there.  I really enjoyed living and working Africa, and I spent 2 years there before getting married and moving to England to be with my wife, who was just starting a PhD at the university here.  CIS was a perfect fit for me!

What do you enjoy most about the subjects you teach?

I get excited about Maths because there is so much order and structure in the simplicity of figuring out the answers to problems.  It’s such a rewarding thing to crunch the numbers and find an answer.  To me the language of Mathematics is simply a reflection of God’s perfection, so I enjoy discovering and sharing with students the incredible elegance in how everything in the world around us ultimately boils down to Mathematical equations!

What do you enjoy most about CIS?

I really enjoy the diversity at CIS.  It is so much fun to interact with students from all over the world and challenge them in lots of different ways.  They teach me just as much about myself and the places they are from as I teach them about Maths!  I also really enjoy the diverse staff at our school.  We have some incredibly creative and dedicated teachers who all bring so much to our school, and make this place such a lively, fun, and quirky school that celebrates the diverse and embraces the individual.

What’s special about CIS?

CIS is special because it is such an inviting atmosphere and community to be involved in.  Teachers, students, staff are all in this process together, working towards making a better school and challenging ourselves to be the best we can be.  CIS is an environment that encourages responsibility and respect for others, while ensuring everyone achieves their maximum potential.


I’m passionate about teaching, about helping young people learn, grow, and mature in their understanding of the world and in their relationships with the people around them.  I’m passionate about everything to do with nature, science, and understanding how the world around us actually works.  I love to travel, hike, explore new places, make new friends and play sports.   But ultimately I am passionate about using my life to serve God and love others, working for his glory above all else.