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Glyn Knowles

Glynn Knowles

Acting Principal

Life before CIS

I was born and raised in Liverpool where I attended the Holt School. I completed my degree in Ecology at UEA, Norwich before spending some time working for the National Trust as a species protection officer and mountain rescuer. Having discovered a passion for teaching when working with school groups in the hills of Derbyshire, I did my PGCE at Oxford (Wolfson College). Since then my work on competencies based curriculum approaches to learning have resulted in my invitation to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

What do you enjoy most about the subjects you teach?

Science is often described by some of my teaching colleague as being magic and like Hogwarts. I agree completely, science to me is indeed magical. Sharing that passion for the wonder of the universe and all that is in it is what makes me love science teaching. Helping young people prepare for a highly technological world is a vital element in their education. Science is a chance to explore, imagine and be creative and who wouldn’t want to help young people do that for a living?

What do you enjoy most about CIS?

I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the school; I enjoy its creative spirit and energy. I enjoy the fact that this is a school that does what so many schools cannot do – care for the individual, maintain positive relationships between all members of its small community and allows teachers the freedom to teach in as creative, fun and imaginative way as we choose.

What’s special about CIS?

CIS is a dynamic place to work, ideas from parents, staff and students alike are welcomed; we are always looking at what we can do better and what we can add to the school.

CIS is set in an amazingly green and pleasant setting, being surrounded by nature and space we have a great resource on our door step to use to enhance the learning experience.


My passions in life often find their way into my teaching, so it’s no surprise to any of my students when I say I’m passionate about scuba diving and photographing the underwater world.

Along with diving and teaching diving, I love travelling at every and any opportunity, and more recently I have taken up archery with my local Company of Archers.