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Heidi Clark

Head of Juniors

Life before Cambridge International School

I grew up and was educated in Australia, where I completed my Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and Bachelor of Arts (major in Sociology). After teaching in Australia for 5 years and having whet my appetite for travel with a few trips backpacking through Europe, I decided it was time to expand my horizons. The move to England was to fulfil my dream of travel and also to enhance my professional experiences as an educator.

What do you enjoy most about the subjects you teach?

Maths and IPC are the most enjoyable subjects for me in the classroom. I love the hands-on and practical nature of our IPC curriculum and enjoy being able to develop my learners knowledge and skill base through exciting, diverse and challenging topics. I really enjoy the nature of maths teaching and learning. The idea that there are many ways to solve a single problem and the magic of the way numbers work, drives my enthusiasm here. When a child has that sudden ‘lightbulb’ moment in maths, you know it’s all worthwhile.

What do you enjoy most about CIS? 

The diverse range of cultures at CIS, amongst staff and families makes for an interesting and rich community with varying world-wide experiences. The small class sizes mean that as a teacher I get to not only know the children really well but I have the opportunity to develop positive and long lasting relationships with families too. Being an international school means that as a staff we can implement the best educational practice from around the world. For me this means the exciting prospect of always tying something different and new.

What’s special about CIS? 

CIS is a special place to be because of the amalgamation of so many life experiences. The staff and children share a wonderful sense of community that I’ve not felt anywhere else. It’s like being a part of one large family. 


Outside of CIS I get most of my enjoyment through sports. I am a keen netballer, playing in the CDNL Premiership League. Recently I’ve taken up Korfball (a Dutch sport) and Ultimate Frisbee too. Other than sports, I love travelling and seeing new places and dining in or out with good friends and family.