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In 1976, inspired by an understanding of the importance of homely, child-centred education in small classes, Jill Sturdy founded a school with just 11 children in 2 classrooms. Much later that school’s directors opened Holme Court School in Bedfordshire, for the provision of specialist provision for dyslexic pupils. Holme Court is the sister school of Cambridge International School, opened in 2006 by two of Mrs. Sturdy’s children, Dr. Daniel Sturdy and Dr. Harriet Sturdy. Inspired by their mother’s intuition and belief in progressive education - small class size, nurturing children to independence, a homely atmosphere – they built the Cambridge area’s first and only non-selective international school to provide stimulating education, value diversity and develop strength of character within an encouraging and supportive family atmosphere.

Cambridge International School is now made up of pupils and staff from all over the world. It provides a stimulating and exciting education for children aged 3-16 in a truly diverse learning environment.

In 2015 Cambridge International School (and Holme Court) became part of the International Schools Partnership.