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Learning Together

Meat Free Mondays started today at CIS Seniors. Delicious Vegetarian Lasagne. Thanks to Year 8 and Chef Will.


German in the senior school is taught to a small group of enthusiastic and interested students in Year 10. They are preparing for their IGCSE in German in just two years.

Language teaching groups here at CISĀ  embrace a broad spectrum of ability and experience of the language, from standard foreign language learners to native and near native speakers. Small group sizes allow this range to be accommodated. Students study for both the foreign language andĀ  and, if able, First Language IGCSE examinations, as appropriate, and are encouraged when ready to enter early for these assessments, with some outstanding results! We offer Mother Tongue lessons to those students throughout the school who wish to study German as their Mother Tongue. These take place weekly in small groups with a native German teacher. German-speaking Interns and native CIS have added to the authenticity of learning in the subject.

Despite only a small number of students studying at IGCSE level we have been able this year to offer an exchange visit to Germany. Students stayed with German families and spent time in the German school as well as visiting local places of interest. They were able to practise their speaking skills and had a fantastic time. Please see photos below.
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