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Meat Free Mondays started today at CIS Seniors. Delicious Vegetarian Lasagne. Thanks to Year 8 and Chef Will.


Fees: 2016-2017

An registration fee of £100 is paid upon application to the school.

An enrolment fee of £500 is paid on acceptance of a place and parents are then liable for the first term’s fees.

All fees must be paid on or before the first day of term.

A term’s notice of intention to remove a child from the school is required. If no such notice is given, parents become liable for a full term’s fees.

The scale of fees for the academic year 2016/2017 is presented below.

These fees are inclusive of books and stationery. Fees outlined below are per term and there are three terms in a year.

Additional charges will be made for field trips and examination fees.


LIST OF FEES 2016/2017

Nursery/Infants: £3,700.00 per term

Juniors: £3,900.00 per term

Seniors: £4,285.00 per term

Lunch: £240 per term

Fees will be revised annually





Cambridge International School does offer a limited amount of means-tested bursaries to support existing and new pupils to the School.

Please download both the Bursaries Policy and Bursary Application Form for more information and how to apply for a bursary at the School.